A Tribute to Traditions 21st Annual Concert (Virtual Ticket)

05/16/2021 05:30 PM - 05/17/2021 08:00 PM ET


  • $25.00


United States of America


A Tribute to Traditions is a performance message conveying, why heritage, customs and traditions remains relevant as we witness a shift in the world. As ambassadors of the richness of African culture and the facilitators of techniques and choreography, we have created an educational and entertaining experience for all people.
May 16 will culturally merge the essence of Thiossane in a cacophony of subjects to discuss and enjoy. We ask that you join us to witness the enthralling performance, join in the dialogue of preservation and the perpetuation of arts and humanity, while witnessing a traditional initiation of our three high school scholars, including the participants of our community outreach programs.