A Tribute to Traditions Teen & Adult Dance Class (Virtual)

05/16/2021 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM ET


  • $10.00


Lincoln Theatre Ballroom
769 E Long St
Columbus, OH 43203
United States of America


Teens & Adult Dance Workshop with guest artist Queen of West African dance & culture, Marie Basse Wiles.  We hope you help us celebrate our 21st year.

The statewide recommendation for COVID procedures has determined the format in which we will deliver the community classes both in person and on a virtual platform. The following will be the procedures and policies for in person participation. This format is derived from reimagining what we do well.

• Masks required with curbside drop off/pick up and assessment

• Enter with dance attire only coats and shoes as the seasons change

• Enter with escort – volunteers and apprentices

• Shoes removal / hand washing

• Class Instruction with social distance 

• Exiting sanitize in the mezzanine, pick up snack bag

• Escort downstairs to parents waiting in the car

• Manage drop off and pick for each class, approx: 6 volunteers

• COVID Ambassadors - Cleaning between sessions

Adult class format and procedures will be as such:

• Register online only, Masked up, check in at the table on second floor

• Enter with dance attire only, shoes and coat as weather determines

• Remove shoes, wash hands and selection space to partake

• Participate within the designated area,

• Sanitize, gather items, leave space once class is finished

• Cleaning space with trash emptied per/post class.


For questions please contact us at thisossaneone@gmail.com .

Thank you and see you on May 16th!